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Insurances for individuals

Many people make the mistake of thinking they are bulletproof and don’t need insurance cover because ‘nothing will ever happen to me’. Taking care of your own needs is extremely important, especially if you do not have anyone else you can rely on to get you through tough times.

  • If your income suddenly stops because you can’t work due to sickness or disablement, what can you fall back on? Replacement income can be arranged so that your regular bills are paid and your lifestyle is maintained. The solution I offer is INCOME PROTECTION.
  • If you suffered a major health event that placed you in hospital, what would you do? A lump sum payment can help with you with recovery and rehabilitation as well as clear mortgages, debt, rent, or allow you to take a break. Common claims result from heart attacks and cancer. Have you thought about how you would face this situation and what you might need to get through it? The solution I offer is TRAUMA COVER.
  • If you develop a disability which requires ongoing rehabilitation and care as well as adjusting your day-to-day life to accommodate that disability, what support do you have available to you? This type of event could include loss of a limb or use of an artificial limb or wheelchair. You might need a caregiver for a period of time to help you at home. The solution I offer is TOTAL AND PERMANENT DISABLEMENT COVER.
  • You don’t want to think about it but if you did pass away, how do you want to leave your affairs? Getting through the grieving process is tough enough for your family without the pressure of dealing with your estate if you have not made any arrangements. Make it easier for them by organising any outstanding debts to be cleared and funeral arrangements to be funded. The solution I offer is LIFE COVER.
  • If you are made redundant or can’t work due to medical reasons, it can be hard to cover your mortgage. How do you get by if you have a mortgage and can’t make repayments? The solution I offer is MORTGAGE PROTECTION COVER.
  • If you need surgery unexpectedly, it can mean waiting lists and/or a huge bill. Get the treatment you need when you need it most and return to good health without worrying about medical bills. The solution I offer is HEALTH INSURANCE.

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