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Insurances for business

Understanding how your business operates and having goals for growth and/or development are important when considering how to insure against anything that may interrupt your plans. Regardless of whether your business is a small or medium-sized enterprise or a nationwide operation, all businesses face similar issues.

  • What would you do if a key team member couldn’t be at work due to an accident or loss? Do you have back-up plan for the knowledge and skills you’d lose because of their absence? You can protect your business from this situation with KEY PERSON COVER.
  • Regular overheads and operational costs can really add up each month. There is cover available for these costs if a team member is unable to work and your income is affected. Together, we can work out what your regular fixed operation costs are and put in place cover that will pay your expenses. BUSINESS EXPENSES is a great solution to remove the concern of meeting your financial obligations.
  • Success planning is a really important exercise for anyone in business who wants to see the business continue on as a legacy. Have you structured your insurance to meet ‘Buy and Sell’ obligations? No one wants to see their blood, sweat and tears wasted because funds were not available for the appropriate person to take the reins and continue the legacy. A planning session on ‘who takes over’ and ‘how’ under agreed circumstances will be effective with the appropriate LUMP SUM INSURANCE PAYMENTS tied in to enable it all to happen.

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